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Avital Sasson

Senior clinical and counselling Psychologist

Richmond, 8 The Green, TW9 1 PL


HCPC registered member, PLY35476

ACP UK registered: 4736


Accepting new clients: Not currently

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About Me

I am an expert clinical psychologist and supervisor,  working in public and private settings for the past 21 years. for a full description of my experience, press here.


I specialize in working with people suffering from complex mental needs, including eating disorders, a field in which I gained a lot of experience over the years. Recently, alongside my colleague Maja Berry, we opened the Bluebird Centre for the treatment of eating disorders.


I am also experienced in working with children over the age of 5, and adolescents.


The therapeutic techniques at the heart of my work are psychoanalytically based.


What are complex needs

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Eating disorders

My experience: 

I have been working with adolescents and adults suffering from eating disorders within a psychodynamic, psychoanalytic framework, also combining narrative, mentalization-based and cognitive-behavioural aspects.

I worked for several years in an outpatient clinic specializing in treating patients suffering from eating disorders who do not need to be hospitalized immediately and can be treated in the community. I worked with a multi-professional team offering intensive therapy where needed.


After finishing my residency, I continued working with patients suffering from eating disorders, always in a setting that includes a multi-disciplinary team, mainly a specialized dietitian and psychiatrist, alongside interventions with parents and family.


Today I continue my work with eating-disordered clients privately. Together with my colleague Maja Berry we opened the Bluebird Centre,  offering a team of specialists working together, providing an inclusive treatment for eating disorders.

Psychoanalytic / psychodynamic psychotherapy

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My experience:

My clinical journey started with my work with children, and I first trained as a child clinical psychologist. I've gained a lot of experience working with children as young as four years old, using psychodynamically/psychoanalytically based interventions and play therapy. I work with children struggling with anxiety and depression and with children who experienced trauma and loss. As part of my training and experience over the years, I've worked with children who've suffered abuse and children who have been adopted/foster care children with complex needs. I also work with autistic adolescents and have a particular interest in the field of ASD teenagers who struggle with eating disorders.

Costs and procedures

I usually start the treatment process with an evaluation meeting that allows me to take a comprehensive history assessment and underline the main issues of concern.  With children and adolescents  one assessment is conducted with the parents and another with the young client. This also allows for potential patients to understand the way I work and see whether they feel comfortable and secure enough to start treatment with me as their therapist. At the end of the assessment process a recommendation is given as to the setting and type of treatment. Usually after initial assessment and if there is a wish to start the treatment it will take several session to highlight the main issues of the treatment plan. 

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Initial assessment with parents/child/patient        up to 1.5 hours.         165£           

Session\parent meeting                                                  50 min.                         120£

* Please take into account that late cancellations of less than 48 hours are fully charged. Psychotherapy payments are ongoing and part of a long-term commitment and contract. These terms are explained at the beginning of the therapy.


I am recognised by the following insurance providers:

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Confidentiality and privacy settings while undertaking psychotherapy


As a clinical psychologist, my first responsibility is to my client. What is said during our sessions remains confidential, taking into account GMC guidelines. However, there are some limits to confidentiality: 

• As part of my commitment to working ethically, I take my work to supervision sessions. Supervision is subject to the same confidentiality agreement. 

• As obligated by law, sessions are documented and kept secure. Sessions are also recorded from time to time for professional needs while keeping to privacy obligations and safety procedures.

• If there appears to be a risk of serious harm to oneself or others, selective disclosure may be judged necessary. This would usually occur after prior consultation with you. 

• There are legal limits to confidentiality, e.g. Prevention of Terrorism and Drug Trafficking Acts.

 • In a court of law, a psychologist can be required to answer questions about a client. Written case notes made for sessions are kept confidential. 

• Please be aware that I will not initiate contact if we cross paths outside of our sessions. This is purely to respect your right to keep your psychotherapy relationship with me private. 

In undertaking psychotherapy, you will be providing me with certain personal data. In so doing, it is important that you are aware of and agree to the following: 

• Contact details, Notes and other information are anonymous, free of identifying information and stored in a secure way, according to the Data Protection Act (ICO registered ZB541403).


 Please do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions about how your personal data is processed. Code of Ethics I abide by the HCPC Ethical Framework. 

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London UK, TW10

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